Detailed Petroleum Pipeline Maps for each of the Lower 48 States!

The State Map series is a unique product that offers a detailed, state specific petroleum infrastructure map for each of the lower 48 states. Each map provides a comprehensive look at the petroleum pipelines, facilities and interconnects for each state, along with other political and topographical data including: counties, highways, urban areas, rivers and lakes.

Clients can order one or multiple states to gain the detailed, accurate, large-scale information typically not available on full sized wall maps. Most states display all petroleum commodities including Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Refined Products, Petrochemical, and LPG/NGL on a single map. For states where the pipelines and facilities are excessively dense, the commodities have been broken apart onto separate maps for legibility purposes.

  • Each pipeline is labeled with diameter, operator and pipeline status.
  • Detailed facility information is also included for all petroleum commodities.
  • Facilities are symbolized by type and labeled with the facility’s name and operator.
  • On maps created in 2005 and later, each facility is numbered in reference to more specific information such as: name, operator, status, and commodity(s) served.

    Each map in the State Map series is available in both hardcopy and digital format. Hardcopy maps can be provided on flat matte or high gloss photo stock, as well as, back-lit paper that can be written on with dry erase markers. Digital formats include a read-only, non-printable PDF available on CD-ROM.



Maps start at $295. To order, visit the PennWell Bookstore. For more information, please call 1.800.752.9764 or email