MAPSearch’s North American Petroleum and Natural Gas GIS datasets offers full coverage of LPG fractionators.

A LPG fractionator produces liquefied petroleum gases (LPG): a group of hydrocarbon-based gases derived from crude oil refining or natural gas fractionation. For convenience of transportation, these gases are liquefied through pressurization. LPG’s include: ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, normal butane, butylene, isobutene, and isobutylene.

As a client of our petroleum or natural gas dataset, you will receive:

  • The location of all LPG fractionators within your licensed area
  • Detailed attribute information for each LPG fractionator, including:
    • Name of the LPG fractionator
    • Owner
    • Operator
    • Last owner
    • Last Operator
    • Number of owners
    • Lease status
    • Primary Commodity
    • Capacity
    • Affiliation with gathering system
  • Transparent details for the quality of data provided:
    • When the attributes of the plant were last updated
    • When the plant was last spatially adjusted using aerial imagery
    • When the data was released (how current the information is)
    • The source map for the information, and the source map’s resolution