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The Gulf of Mexico: Fields, Leases, and Pipelines

Our Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Map has been completely updated in 2017. This carefully designed, glossy, large-scale wall map of the Gulf of Mexico is comprised of:

  • Crude and natural gas pipelines
  • Leases
  • Oil/gas fields
  • Pipeline operators
  • Active lease operators
  • Deep water field names

2017 / $449 / 37.25″ x 66.13″ / 1″ = 11mi

No Returns or Exchanges.

2013 Gulf of Mexico Offshore Infrastructure Map-Deluxe Version

The 2013 Gulf of Mexico Offshore Infrastructure Map-Deluxe version includes all features of the standard version but also has a detailed list of lease operators broken down by protraction areas and the blocks for which they hold leases.

2013 / $449 / 70″x40″ / 1″=11mi

No Returns or Exchanges

Oil & Gas Field Map of the United States, 2nd Edition

This detailed, industry-staple shows names & delineation, tectonics, contours, salt domes and other major geological structures; with color tints outlining the major basins and overthrust belts, precambrian rock limits, and indications of all major geological structures.  Basic data includes: latitude lines, water depth, river systems, major cities, and an Alaska inset.  Also: major oil & gas trend areas, rift areas, volcanic rocks & volcanoes, CO fields, and Gilsonite deposits. The geologic cross section of Eastern & Western Overthrust Belts is also shown– as well as, the Louisiana Gulf Coast region & California.

1985/ $199/ 40″ x 57″/ 1″ = 56.7 mi

No returns or exchanges.

World Sedimentary Basins and Related Features

This classic map offers a macro look at all sedimentary basins of the world. Consistently a favorite, this map features: country names, international boundaries, latitude and longitude lines, water depths and shaded relief.  Colorful details highlight major petroleum and geologic basins: shelves, platforms, thrust belt and fold belt– as well as grabens and rises.

Jun-05/ $149 / 44″ x 63″/ 1″ = 434 mi

No returns or exchanges.


For the MOST accurate information regarding pipeline and facility infrastructure, learn more about our GIS data. While many of our paper maps have not been updated recently, we update our data constantly. We distribute new updates to our clients on a quarterly basis.