We’re putting our decades of experience to work in new ways! The MAPSearch team has the tools and skills required to deliver a host of GIS and database services that many organizations lack the time and resources to perform. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your data is in the hands of qualified professionals who have faithfully served the energy industry for more than 30 years.

  • Researching Data – Review, evaluate, collect, aggregate,
    study maps and interpret data for custom projects
  • Performing data analysis, data profi ling, data discovery, data assessment/validation and creation of databases based on analysis, research, user needs and business flow
  • SDE relational database management and design
  • Geographic data management
  • Vector feature creation and editing
  • Model design and management using Model Builder
  • Georeferencing – ie reprojection, clipping or intersection
  • Raster manipulation and analysis
  • Georeferencing and digitizing of data
  • Custom mapping services

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