After the success of our 2012 US Power Industry wall map, Mapsearch has continued to put our GIS data to use by producing informative wall maps. This year’s focus will be on Europe and Asia before returning to the power plant landscape in the United States. What better way to update your office or conference room (or both!) than with a brand new electric power wall map adorning the wall?

Europe – Our 2015 European Power Plant map contains over 600 power plants on the continent, including the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. For ease of viewing, we have limited the plants shown on the map to those over 250 megawatts. We even labeled the megawatts for many of these plants. This full color wall map is 60” wide and 40.8” tall, is printed on glossy paper, and will be shipped in a map tube so there will be no annoying folds to mess with upon arrival. With a table of plant owners included, you can easily locate and identify the power plants most important to your business.  This map is available in the PennWell bookstore now!

Asia – Coming Summer 2015 – For our first Asian Power Plant map, we had to go big! It contains over 800 power plants across the continent, once again displaying plants that are of 250 MW capacity and above. From the Black Sea to the Sea of Japan, we have you covered on the location and fuel type for power plants, including a table of plant owners. Just like the Europe map, we’re sticking with glossy paper and shipping in a map tube.

US Power Plants – Coming Fall 2015 – Don’t miss out on the best way to identify the different power plant fuel types in the United States in wall map form. More details to follow!