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As a valued MAPSearch client, you have access to our Data Dictionary to help you understand our data better. This guide offers a complete description of all layers and attributes, instruction for joining tables, and an overview of what each dataset includes. To take advantage of everything MAPSearch has to offer, learn more about the most comprehensive database in the industry—contact us today for a digital copy.


  • Client Support: The Help Desk

As easy as emailing!

The MAPSearch Help Desk is a means for us to dedicate our service to your company. As a client, you can turn to one easy email address and reach the combined efforts and talents of the whole MAPSearch team.

The Help Desk is our process for responding to your reports and research questions. Taken very seriously, your question will not be lost. It will immediately be given a tracking number, stored in our client support database, and responded to in a timely manner.

  • The Transmission Project Report As a MAPSearch client, you are granted access to electric power transmission reports compiled by the research team. On a monthly basis, a transmission project report is published detailing updates regarding new and existing North American based transmission projects. These reports highlight project events such as project application and route approval, status of the transmission line, ownership changes, cost updates, public engagement and more.
  • The Pipeline Activity Report As a client, you are entitled to our industry-leading research team that offers a competitive look inside the energy landscape. Each month, the Pipeline Activity Report provides a clear understanding of construction, sales, acquisitions and regulatory statuses of pipeline infrastructure. In addition, the World Wide Refineries report focuses on refineries around the world.

If you are a client and would like to recieve either report, email

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  • Data Updates and Newsletter

If you are a premium client, you will receive data updates — encompassing infrastructure changes and spatial improvements made to our database. Premium clients will receive our MAPScape newsletter which explains and highlights major changes and updates to our dataset.

  • User Involvement

You are a valued user of our data, and an important extension of our team. Be encouraged to communicate often and take advantage of interactive opportunities.

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