Power generation has grown by nearly 50% in the last decade, but power companies are not utilizing the opportunity to evaluate other forms of fuel sources. With MAPSearch GIS data covering renewable energy generation and transmission, your company can be on the front line of tapping into these exciting new fuel sources.

Our MAPSearch team has completely organized and spatially adjusted our electric power infrastructure to include precise locations of Renewable Energy sources, as well as the most accurate attribute data. MAPSearch has utlized the latest satellite and aerial sub meter imagery to place our renewable generation and transmission to assist the need of utilizing new forms of power generation.

The location of renewable energy plants is just the beginning, while the location of transmission lines causes renewable energy to become a reality. MAPSearch data gives clients the most precise locations of how this power can be transmitted. Our data’s precision of transmission lines is unmatched in the industry; our electric power bundle bundle is vital to any company taking advantage of renewable energy.

Power Package Includes:

  • GENERATION PLANTS WITH RENEWABLE FUEL SOURCES:  Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro, Solar, Waste and Wind
    Plant name, owner/operator, number of units, name plate capacity, year installed and more.
  • XMISSION (Transmission Lines): XMISSION (Transmission Lines)
    Miles of transmission lines in North America; includes voltage, line type, status, owner/operator, spatial accuracy metacode, transmission lines. (down to the 33kV level)
  • SUBS (Substations): Thousands of substations; includes substation name, state, AC or DC, status, owner/operator name, spatial accuracy metacode.

Ideal For:

  • Project Developers
  • Electric Utilities
  • Renewable Initiatives
  • Wholesale Generators
  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Federal, state and local agencies

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